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John Adams

John contributing towards Oswestry Town Council's Green-led pledge to plant 17,000 trees by 2022.

Vote for John Adams on 12 December

Until recently John Adams lived near Market Drayton and was a lecturer at Harper Adams University, having previously moved to Shropshire to study at the then Agricultural College in 1987. He has studied and worked in the Agriculture sector since 1984 and has pursued a keen interest in sustainable development during that time. Over the last decade he has followed the science and politics of climate change closely in a personal capacity and welcomes the opportunity to persuade the people of North Shropshire that the time for a Green vote is now.

All Change for Climate Change

For all our sakes, the election on December 12th must be the climate election. Reversing climate change depends on restoring the energy balance of the Earth system, which has been profoundly disturbed through our dependence on fossil fuels. Nature is already biting back, and Nature has no political affiliation. We need to come together as never before to act collectively for the common good, and demonstrate to government that transformational policies can pay off politically. The best way to do this is to vote Green and return a significant number of Green MPs to Parliament.

Since 2008 the Green party has developed a detailed and costed program called the Green New Deal to address a number of policy areas in an integrated way. Policies to reverse climate change will also transform energy, transport, housing, industry and farming. In the process it will create a fairer society and hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Shropshire Greens are already turning ideas into action at the local level but need more powers and resources from government to really transform local areas in line with achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

The dogs breakfast of Brexit

The Green party believes the UK should remain in the EU. When compared to climate change, Brexit can be seen as an unnecessary and unwelcome distraction from a far more important concern. Divorcing the UK from the EU will hamper efforts to act collectively on climate change as a globally influential bloc, and the resulting close alignment with the US would subject us to the climate denying policies of the current US government. So, Brexit will make the climate emergency worse than it would otherwise be. It would therefore reduce the chance of a healthy and fulfilling future for our families and our children.

In a sense, implementing the result of the 2016 referendum is irrelevant. The challenge of reversing climate change remains the same whoever is in government. We are simply less likely to succeed if we vote for another five years of Conservative government due to their lack of enthusiasm for the subject of climate change. In any case, the validity of the EU referendum in 2016 is increasingly being called into question. We simply don’t know if the result fairly represented the ‘Will of the People’. The fairest way to resolve Brexit once and for all would be to ask citizens of the UK to decide the issue in a confirmatory referendum.

A Green farming and forestry future

Farmers realise better than anyone that farming is the sector of the economy with the closest relationship to Nature. They know that economic survival can be dependent on the vagaries of the weather. Changes in the weather are increasingly affecting the timeliness of farming operations and this situation will only get worse if carbon emissions are not rapidly reduced. So, farming businesses need support to become more resilient to the sudden shocks and stresses that climate change represents for food production.

Like every other sector of the economy farming will need to change to become truly sustainable. The farming sector will also need to achieve net zero emissions to help in reversing climate change, and there is a lively debate about how best and how soon to realise this objective. The Green New Deal offered by the Green party would provide subsidies for sustainable, diverse and environmentally friendly forms of farming including organic farming, agroforestry and mixed farming. It would also encourage a reduction in dairy and meat consumption, and provide for the planting of 700 million new trees.

John Adams

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John's Diary: John will be at the following events


Election Hustings

General Election Candidate Hustings

Wed 20th November 6.30pm - 9.00pm

Festival Drayton Centre, Frogmore Road, Market Drayton, TF9 3AX

Market Drayton Community Enterprise have arranged for a hustings of candidates standing in the North Shropshire constituency.

If you were not able to attend, you can read John's opening statement or you can watch a video recording of the event.


Election Hustings

General Election Candidate Hustings

Thu 28th November 11.00am

Prees Cricket Club, Brades Road, Prees, SY13 2DX

Shropshire NFU (National Farmers Union) will be holding an election hustings.

NFU members only.


Election Hustings

Environment Hustings

Wed 4th December 7.00pm

Eastern Oswestry Community Centre, Cabin Lane, Oswestry, SY11 2LQ

Explanatory note: Just before the hustings began John was asked by the Chair to avoid saying anything critical of other candidates until later in the proceedings, and to focus on positive comments at the start. John had prepared an opening response to the question about environmental commitment that included very critical comments. John respected the Chair's request and therefore cut short his response. For completeness the original response is included here.

If you were not able to attend, you can watch a video recording of the event.


BBC Radio Shropshire

BBC Radio Shropshire election debate

Fri 6th December 6.00pm - 7.00pm

BBC Radio Shropshire live on-air programme with all candidates for North Shropshire in the December parliamentary election.

If you missed it you can listen to the programme at any time on the BBC Radio Shropshire website.


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John Adams

John Adams

John and enthusiastic Green supporters in Whitchurch on Friday 22nd Nov. about to deliver leaflets.