John Adams Oswestry Hustings 2019

John Adams

Oswestry Environment Hustings 4 December 2019

Q: What changes have you made personally in your life in response to environmental issues?

Apart from personal changes like eating less meat, saving energy at home and avoiding flying, my biggest change was moving from London to South Wales in 1983 to learn about farming because I believed industrial agriculture was unsustainable. After studying at Harper Adams and having a family I went back to work there. In 2010 I had a heart attack that prompted me to spend personal time researching climate change because it seemed to me the major threat to the future of Agriculture. In 2012 I published a paper[1] about the implications of climate science and why politicians were not acting accordingly, concluding that the public would have to force our politicians to act in the absence of political leadership.

Today the best thing I can do for the environment is try to understand what’s really going on in the world, and I think my article helps explain why Boris Johnson and his pro-rogues gallery of ministers have tried to make a virtue out of lying to the public. They can’t tell you their real purpose because turkeys don’t willingly vote for Christmas do they? Reversing climate change means transforming our society. But right-wing conservatives like Owen Paterson are determined to defend deregulated market capitalism so they have to lie to the public while pretending they really represent the “Will of the People”.

The reality is the climate emergency threatens the core beliefs of the Thatcher revolution so diehard Conservatives like Owen Paterson just can’t accept the reality of climate change. Brexit gives them one last chance to impose a turbocharged version of Thatcherism on the environment and the public before we all finally wake up and vote them out of office. I really hope you won’t give them that last chance on December 12th because we absolutely need Members of Parliament who will act according to the science.

[1] Adams, J. (2012). Facing down the ‘perfect storm’ – is it time to think the unthinkable? A review of global warming science and policy. SJAE vol.1 issue 1 pp. 43-85

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