We don't have the luxury of big business backers - we rely on donations from supporters like you.

Our Green councillors are making a real difference in Shropshire on issues such as road safety, equal rights and (of course) on environmental issues such as plastics and renewable energy. We think we can do even more though, and that’s why we’re going to be targeting even more seats at the next local elections in 2021 (as well as defending all our existing seats of course).

But we really need your help to do this. Monthly donations are especially helpful so we can plan our income. 100% of all funds donated will go on getting Green councillors elected.


£10 a month between now and May 2021 pays for the entire election period (March – May 2021) for one of our target areas including election literature and other activity.


£5 a month between now and May 2021 pays for a face to face campaign in one of our target areas; essential to bring together and react to residents’ views.


£2 a month between now and May 2021 pays for one newsletter to keep residents aware of how hard our councillors and target area campaigners work all year round.


Please contact our Treasurer, Steve Froggatt, who will be happy to assist you in setting up a Standing Order.

One-off donations are really helpful too!

If you would like to discuss a more bespoke approach to your support for the local party, including by organising and/or hosting fundraising activities/events, please feel free to contact the following people:

Local Party Campaigns Manager

Duncan Kerr – Local Party Coordinator