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The Green Party is 99% made up of people working as volunteers - this is how we’ve been running for 40 years.  There is so much to do to win elections and run local campaigns we rely on you and welcome your help.  Whatever skillset or ability you have, you will be an asset to us.

Do you have some time to help deliver newsletters in Shrewsbury and/or Oswestry?

We are looking for volunteers to deliver newsletters:

  • on Saturday 16th March in Shrewsbury,
  • on Sunday 17th March in Oswestry,
  • between Sunday 24th and Sunday 31st March (inclusive) in Shrewsbury.

If you can spare even an hour that's a huge help to us - please email Deliveries Coordinator Peter with which day(s) you can do and your time availability on them to

What you can do

  • Talk to your friends and people you know about the Green Party and why you are interested, encourage them to get involved as well.
  • Come along to one of our events and learn more about the local challenges and campaigns. We were all new to this at some stage so don't be afraid to ask questions.
  • Join the Green Party.
  • Volunteer at one of our events (no membership required)
  • Stand for the council.

We are hoping to inspire both those who have lost confidence in parties they previously supported, and to those who have never voted at all, to Go Green in 2019.


It can all change in 2015


Local Committee Meetings


Meetings of the local committee are open to any Green Party member to attend.

If you're planning to come along please contact the co-ordinator in advance to give us time to arrange a larger venue if necessary.

Mon 8 April 6:30pm Committee Meeting Shrewsbury
Mon 20 May 6:30pm Committee Meeting Oswestry
Mon 17 June 6:30pm Committee Meeting Shrewsbury
Mon 15 July 6:30pm Committee Meeting Oswestry
Mon 12 August 6:30pm Committee Meeting Shrewsbury
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