20's Plenty

The Green Party is in favour of a default 20mph speed limit on all urban roads in Shropshire.

Why? Because it's safer. You are 7 times less likely to die if hit at 20mph than 30mph or 10 times if over 60 years old. In the distance a 20mph car can stop, a 30mph car will still be doing 24mph. Far better to just miss than actually hit someone or be hit at any speed.

You can read about the case for a default 20mph speed limit in "Why 20's Plenty", an article written by Mike Isherwood, Oswestry Town Councillor for Castle Ward, first published in the Oswestry Advertizer.

More information can be found on the 20's Plenty For Us website.

In the news


Founder and Campaign Director of 20's Plenty for Us, Rod King, was asked to speak at the annual Academic Lecture held by the Road Safety Authority of Ireland on the subject of 30km/h speed limits at the start of their annual Road Safety Week on 2nd October 2017.

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