North West "Relief" Road

The Green Party opposes any plans to build a road across the Severn Valley north of Shrewsbury:

  • It would be hugely expensive taking at least £17m from Shropshire Council's budget, plus 100% of any overspend on the project, at a time of very tight budgetary constraint. The money would be better spent on improvements to public transport and encouraging more people to walk, cycle or even car-share.
  • It wouldn't work, with any "relief" being temporary at best. Not only would congestion return soon after completion, but the increased traffic generated would further increase carbon emissions at a time when we urgently need to reduce them.
  • It would damage an important and unique landscape and its wildlife.

Read our letter to the Department for Transport stating our objection to this project.

Also, read Councillor Julian Dean's position on the North West "Relief" Road.


Despite our objections, this project has now been approved for funding by the Department for Transport. We can now all look forward to more traffic, more pollution and more noise. The small savings in journey times will be temporary and quickly swallowed up by the increased traffic volumes. Meanwhile, this is a significant step backwards in our attempts to tackle climate change. We clearly need better decision-making in both central and local government.

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