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7 January 2015

Duncan Kerr. Member of Oswestry Town Council and Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in North Shropshire.

Duncan Kerr was elected as an Oswestry Town Councilor in 2013 topping the poll for the Castle Ward. He lives in Oswestry where he set-up and manages the Hermon Chapel Arts Centre. He also works locally as a Children's Social Worker. As a Green Party activist he has supported many local campaigns such as Frack-free North Shropshire, 20's Plenty and the Oswestry Equality Group. He has also joined in with recent protests over cuts to Youth Services, opposing housing development next to Oswestry Hill-fort and in support of retaining services at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital.

Duncan said "In May the people of North Shropshire will have the opportunity to make a positive vote for a party that cares for our environment so would ban fracking; a party that will support rural families so will fight to keep Accident and Emergency Services in Shrewsbury; and a party that serves everybody not the rich few. My personal pledge is that if elected I will draw only half of the recommended MP's salary. I look forward to reading that Owen Paterson and the other candidates are willing to match this pledge".

Contact Duncan on Tel: 07522 116609 or email

Emma Bullard. Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in Shrewsbury and Atcham.

Emma has been a member of the Green Party for many years and has stood for election on 2 previous occasions.

Emma said "This is an extremely exciting time to be standing for the Green Party. Membership has doubled in less than a year with a large percentage of the new members being under 25 years old. I am keen to highlight the fact that the Green Party is the only anti austerity party and how the localism focus of our policies resonates with national politics, especially in a rural county like Shropshire. National Planning Policies that leave local councils afraid to force developers to build affordable, low cost housing so that people that grew up locally can afford to buy homes near their families in a place they love; National transport policies that leave us so poorly served locally by public transport systems of all forms; A National minimum wage instead of a living wage especially important in traditionally low wage areas such as ours.

The green Party is the only party that promises to take the railways back into public control. A policy that has worked so well for the east coast mainline service. We will insist that housing is affordable not just to buy but to live in as well. Many people locally struggle to heat their homes adequately because they have to use LPG, oil and electric heating while the government continually undermines the zero carbon homes policy, instead of using it to enforce the highest standards of energy efficiency for new homes. "

Contact Emma on Tel: 07964 895232 or email

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