Greens go from strength to strength.  Party membership continues to grow and is now bigger than the Liberal Democrats

21 January 2015

Greens go from strength to strength.  Party membership continues to grow and is now bigger than the Liberal Democrats

On Wednesday 14th January, 2000 new members joined the national party bringing the total to 44713 and bigger than the Liberal Democrats (Note 1)

In one week (ending 19th January) 700 new members joined the Green Parties in the West Midlands.

Green Party membership has doubled in the last 3 months in Shropshire.

The growth in Party membership is reflected in polls.

On 13th January YouGov revealed polling that puts the Green Party of England and Wales on 22% and tied with the Conservatives for second place amongst 18-24 year-olds (2). YouGov’s research puts the Greens comfortably ahead of both the Liberal Democrats and UKIP. The Greens are polling at their highest levels ahead of a General Election since 1989, a breakthrough year.

The ongoing membership surge and latest polling further calls into question Ofcom’s initial view (3) that the Green Party is not a ‘major party’.

The suggestion that the Green Party should be excluded from a pre-election television debate has met with widespread opposition both within and outside the Party.  It is clearly unfair and this has added to the surge of interest and support for the Green Party.

The Green Party of England and Wales is standing candidates in at least 75% of seats in May 2015. That means 50% more people will be able to vote Green in 2015 than were able to do so five years ago.

Commenting on this growth in membership and growth in support for Green Party policies Duncan Kerr, Green Party parliamentary candidate for North Shropshire said:

“Support for the Green Party is surging ahead. The public is coming to realize that the Green Party is the only party that stands for what is important to them. Strong policies on the NHS, transport and a commitment to strong public services as well as a rejection of budget cuts that are doing so much damage to vulnerable people in Shropshire resonate with people and the rapid growth in membership reflects this. We are confident that we will continue to grow both nationally and in Shropshire and this will give us a much better chance of reversing the damage already done and creating a fair society for the benefit of everyone”



3 Ofcom said the party had not “secured sufficient support in previous elections and current opinion polls to be added to Ofcom’s major party list for the purposes of the May 2015 elections”. The consultation is currently open and a final decision will be made in March

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