Greens say No TTIP

4 February 2015

Greens say No TTIP

Like over 1  million other EU citizens the Green Party locally is campaigning against the corporate power grab known as TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)

Secret negotiations restarted this week in Brussels between the EU and US to "harmonise" regulations - which could mean lowering food safety and animal welfare standards in the EU. For instance chlorine-washed chicken meat currently allowed in the US, could be sold in the EU

Even worse, the proposed deal allows big  companies to sue for "loss of profits" when governments act in the interest of their citizens - this is already happening , under similar trade deals, following the introduction of a minimum wage in Egypt and plain cigarette packaging in Australia.

A huge Trojan horse was taken to Brussels today (4 February) by anti-TTIP campaigners to symbolise the secrecy of this deal and the fact that, though it may look attractive, what it contains is dangerous and damaging

Emma Bullard, Co-ordinator of Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party, said " We urge all the local candidates at the General Election to join the Green Party and pledge to oppose this deal, which is designed in the interests of big business and will harm small local businesses and all of us as citizens"

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