Tory record

6 February 2015

The Conservatives have been given the trust of the people of Oswestry but their actions show they have lost touch with local people and are taking your support for granted. Just look at what they have done in the last year alone:

• Closed an Adult Day Care centre in Oswestry.
• Cut youth services.
• Blocked proposals to reduce traffic speeds in residential streets.
• Switched off street lights instead of converting them to LED.
• Lost money on ill­conceived projects like the IP+E company.
• Said “Yes” to building next to the Hill fort.
• Failed to protect North Shropshire from fracking and drilling for gas.

And while they have been busy doing the wrong things here are some things they haven't done:
• Invested in our town centre even though they have £3M
• Fought to keep a full A+E service at RSH
• Given low­paid Council employees a Living Wage
• Addressed low wages and unemployment in Oswestry
• Spoken out against the Bedroom Tax and other welfare cuts.

Fortunately in east Oswestry you do now have a choice. I live in the town, work locally as a Social Worker and manage the Hermon Chapel Arts Centre. My pledge is to have the courage to take the bold decisions Oswestry needs, to show care and compassion to the vulnerable who have suffered most in the last few years, to inform and involve you through my regular newsletters, and to act for our common good by protecting and improving our environment and generating real jobs that pay a living wage. Membership of the Green Party is rocketing and in the last 5 years we are the only political party to have been elected having beaten a Tory candidate. If you have had enough of the austerity agenda, business as usual actions of all the so called “major” parties then vote for the positive party who can win.

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