Green Party members in confident mood as they head off to the largest ever party conference in Liverpool later this week

8 March 2015

Green Party members in confident mood as they head off to the largest ever party conference in Liverpool later this week


 The national Green Party conference take place in Liverpool from 6th- 9Th March (Note 1)

This is the first Green party conference ever with more than 1000 delegates expected, the first conference we have held with a total party membership of over 50,000 and the last one before the general election in May.

The rapid growth in membership and the upcoming Green Party conference mark a significant step in the progress we are making in bringing green politics to the forefront of political debate in the UK.


The conference will give all delegates a chance to explore and fully engage with our 6 campaign themes:



Greens will rebuild our economy so everyone gets a fair share.

Greens will put the public at the heart of the NHS.

Greens will ensure everyone has a secure, affordable place to live.

Greens will take action on climate change to protect our planet.

Greens will invest in and create a public transport system to be proud of.

Greens will ensure every young person who wants to can access quality education.


Speaking about green politics and the Liverpool conference Duncan Kerr parliamentary candidate for the Ludlow constituency, said:


The recent growth in coverage of green politics in the run up to the election has highlighted the fact that the Green Party is the only party that actually represents the views of the majority of the public. This is backed up by websites that give people the chance to vote on these policies. As a result our membership has tripled, our involvement with key issues is growing daily and we are determined to bring about a dramatic improvement in the quality of life of everyone who lives and works in Shropshire. We are campaigning for the Living Wage, for high quality accessible, publicly owned and accountable health care facilities, for much improved public transport and for an end to cuts in public services.  Things do not have to be the way they are now, they can and will improve and that is the point of green politics”


Shropshire Green Party members will be attending conference. 





For further information please contact Duncan Kerr on 07522 116609 or Tim Baldwin on 07565 354294


Note 1

All press queries about the national conference to Archie Thomas, Press Officer:


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