Global Climate Action

25 November 2015

A larger than life polar bear has been built by Shrewsbury people to draw attention to the biggest problem facing humans and other species, manmade global warming and climate change. For most people alive now global inaction is likely to lead to increasing weather disasters locally and abroad, and more people seeking refuge.

196 countries will be taking part in the United Nations climate change conference from the end of the month near Paris. With climate change already underway it is imperative that challenging reductions in carbon emissions are agreed, yet there are many short term reasons why governments are reluctant to do so. Oil companies and others with an interest in delaying change are trying to influence negotiators against effective action.

Shrewsbury is taking part in ‘Global Climate Action’ to call on the UK’s negotiating team, which includes Prime Minister Cameron, to keep oil and gas in the ground and to move instead to a zero carbon economy as speedily as possible. Around the world thousands of other groups of people will be taking to the streets to demand that their representatives too act responsibly and agree bold pledges against climate change.
Bear lovers are encouraged to come to the Participate art gallery in the Riverside shopping centre at 10am on Saturday to make polar bear masks where they will be joined by Shrewsbury Mayor Councillor Miles Kenny. Everyone else can show support for Global Climate Action by being photographed with the bear in the town centre and by signing the action pledge.

Shrewsbury Green Party co-ordinator, Emma Bullard, said, ‘The UN negotiations in Paris will be the most crucial ever if we are to stop further ruin of our earth habitat for us and other creatures. We call on people to put differences aside to join this most urgent of actions. Tell your MP and Prime Minister that you need the UK to act boldly on climate change - further delays are not acceptable. Join the Global Climate event in Shrewsbury, and write personally to Daniel Kawczynski and David Cameron. We owe it to our children and to theirs.’
The Shrewsbury Global Climate organisers can be contacted on 07983 098365.

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