Saving Oswestry's Hillfort from Developers

18 February 2016

Green Councillor Duncan Kerr was among hundreds who went to "Hug the Hillfort" on Valentine's Day and send a message to Shropshire Council that the hillfort setting should be protected from development.

Tim Malim, an archaeologist from Oswestry who studies sites like Old Oswestry Hillfort and also heritage planning adviser for the HOOOH campaign, said the campaigners’ aim is to try to prevent development “creeping up” close to the hillfort.

He added: “Part of our planning laws at the moment are that settings for important monuments like Old Oswestry should be protected from development.

"Unfortunately as part of Shropshire Council’s local plan, there is an allocation of housing for within what we believe is the important part of the setting for Old Oswestry.”

The full report can be found on the Shropshire Star

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