The Green Party candidate in the election for Police and Crime Commissioner puts safety and security as his top priorities

16 April 2016

John RaineOn 5th May this year Shropshire’s voters will have a chance to elect a new Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia (Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire) The Green Party candidate, John Raine is a very experienced crime and justice professor and is determined to make a big difference to the West Mercia area he would serve.



John wants to work closely with local councillors and other community leaders, as well as with the chief constable and other senior practitioners involved in crime reduction and justice, to target more resources at making people safer.  He is pledging to:

 1. Provide more support and reassurance to victims of crime to encourage them to report the crimes they suffer, especially domestic violence and sexual abuse.

 2. Prioritise speed enforcement on our roads and press for the introduction of more 20mph speed limits on residential roads

 3. Strengthen neighbourhood policing with more PCSOs visible on our streets, working closely with communities to ensure people feel safe.

 4. Invest more in constructive restorative justice and rehabilitation programmes for offenders to help them address the problems underlying their criminal and anti-social behaviour.

5. Save money by sharing specialist facilities and equipment with neighbouring police forces.

6. Engage more closely with communities, with more public ‘surgeries’ etc.

Commenting on the role of PCC John said, ‘Strong local and democratic control of policing is really important. My career of more than thirty years as a professor at Birmingham University has been specifically focused on policing and criminal justice governance. In addition I have been serving as an elected councillor at district and county levels for the past fifteen years and I consider myself suitably experienced for the role. It will be a great privilege to be elected and to be able to provide much-needed leadership in policing and crime reduction on behalf of communities across Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire’.

For more information on John and what makes him uniquely qualified for the role please visit his website at johnraineforpcc

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