Green Party challenge Shropshire Council.

25 July 2016

Shrewsbury Green Party ProtestMembers of the Green Party turned out in force at the Shirehall on Thursday to demand some straight answers from the Tory run council. Cabinet members were asked questions on a range of issues that the public are concerned about including threats to public health services, library cuts, councillor paid allowances, poor air quality, loss of green spaces, and the state of Shrewsbury’s bus station. 


Duncan Kerr, Green Party councillor for Oswestry South, said ‘We've had many local people contact us to ask how they can stand up for their communities and fight the threatened cuts to swimming pools, parks, libraries, buses and youth services. They are angry that Shropshire Councillors have driven our Council to the edge of a financial cliff by their dogmatic belief in cutting council tax. This policy may have benefitted the wealthy but it is now hitting us all as the Council has some £16m less to provide essential services like those to the elderly and vulnerable children. We are challenging councillors to cut their own allowances, not services, and to apologise to Shropshire people for the waste of public money on vanity projects like ip&e. There is a fairer and better way of running our council and we will be out on the streets explaining this to people over the next few months.’

Shropshire Council has been under the control of the same party since its inception. Under the banner ‘Shropshire Never Forgets’ Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party want the cabinet to acknowledge responsibility for past decisions and to make amends.

Council meetings are held once every three months and are open to the public. Members of the public can submit questions up to one week before each Council meeting.

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