Greens give voters chance to stay in EU

3 May 2017

Caroline LucasGreens reveal new pledge giving voters ratification referendum with option to keep EU membership

The Green Party is the only political party fighting for the opportunity to be given to all citizens to reflect on the Brexit decision, consider what we now know and we did not know last June and ratify or not the Brexit decision.

This is the clear view that the Green Party in Shropshire will put to the electorate over the next 35 days.

Caroline Lucas, the co-leader of the Green Party of England and wales, has today (2nd May) announced this pledge at a meeting in central London. Caroline has pledged to give voters a final say on any Brexit deal – with the chance to stay in the EU if they don’t like the deal the Government negotiates.

Caroline has put the pledge very clearly and the Green Party will now work hard to make sure that everyone is aware of the real choices they will face on 8th June.  She said: “A democracy worthy of the name must mean people having a real say over the major decisions that affect their lives. That’s why the Green Party has consistently said that the referendum should be the start, not the end, of the democratic process. And it’s why today we are announcing our intention to push for remaining in the EU to be an option in a ratification referendum.”

Theresa May is trying to sell the British public a Brexit deal that Del Boy would be proud of.

In no business would you commit yourself to a deal you have never seen. You can read the contract before you buy insurance. You always have two weeks to return a product you’ve bought but realise you don’t like or need. Phone contracts can be cancelled or changed. And yet, when it comes to making a decision over the future of our country, May has said we must leave Europe, regardless of the terms on which we do so. 

The Greens are the only party to have made an official and unambiguous pledge to include the option of remaining in the EU on the ballot paper of a ratification referendum.

 Caroline Lucas went on to say, “Whoever wins this election has a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the British people – but that does not mean that they have a right to impose a final deal. Instead we demand a ratification referendum which gives people the option to remain in the EU if they wish, or to vote to back the Government’s deal. Our message is simple. For a final say, and for a chance to vote to stay in the EU, vote Green.”

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