Julian Dean raised important question following winter snow and ice chaos

16 January 2018

Julian Dean

Councillor Julian Dean has raised the following question to Shropshire Council following the chaos during the snow storms and subsequent icy conditions in December.

"Widespread disruption and injuries, caused by the snowfall, over the weekend of the 8th and 9th December 2017 were experienced by those we serve. Many required hospital treatment for fractures from slipping on untreated surfaces.

The Saturday after the snow event saw a street market in the square, but the area did not seem to be have been treated or cleared to make it safe for shoppers and traders.

From listening to the concerns of my constituents, and from reading the local media, it is clear that there are serious questions the Council must answer.

What plans were in place to treat pavements, and thereby provide a necessary service to pedestrians, that was provided to other road users?

Is the Council satisfied with its performance and execution of its Winter Service Plan with respect to the treatment of, and subsequent condition of, primary roads?

What feedback have you had concerning Emergency Service vehicle access to the Town Centre during this period? Was access compromised and if so for how long?

What, if any, failings in the plan were experienced?

Was this winter event considered within the Council's Winter Service Plan? If not, why not?

What advice from the Met Office was taken when developing the plan?

Winter weather is unpredictable and weather patterns are changing. Is this fact being considered with the Council's Winter Service Plan? If so, how?

What can I tell my constituents, some of whom were injured by slipping on untreated surfaces, about how we dealt with this event and what lessons have been drawn for the future?

Many people want to help treat and clear paths but the advice from Central Government is considered by many as being too vague. Will the Council consider publishing clear advice on how the public can engage and help to treat and clear footpaths?"

Julian was elected to Shropshire Council in the May 2017 local elections, representing Porthill Ward. He regularly vlogs and tweets about local issues. You can learn more about him and keep up-to-date with his tireless work for local residents here.

Update (22 Feb 2018): The official response to Julian's questions is available online here.


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