South Shropshire people express their views on Brexit

27 November 2018

South Shropshire Green Party Brexitometer Who doesn't have a view on Brexit - probably the most significant national UK/GB challenge many have faced in our lifetime? So, because politics is about people, the South Shropshire Green Party offered passers-by in Church Stretton and Craven Arms the opportunity to express their views in response to several questions about Brexit progress as they saw it so far. We erected our 'Brexitometer' in these towns and passing folk made the effort to take part. We accept that this was not what pollsters would call a 'statistically reliable sample' but it did give people a chance to have their views heard and recorded - as reflected in the results below.

Most responses indicated people thought Brexit was not going well and they were worried about a 'no deal' Brexit. Asked if Brexit would be good for their family, our NHS, the local economy and our future relations with other countries most participants thought not.

71% of participants in Church Stretton and 57% in Craven Arms thought Brexit would not be good for their family. Would Brexit be good for our NHS? 53% in Craven Arms and 60% in Church Stretton thought not.

Asked if there should be a People's Vote on the final deal offered, including an option to remain in the EU, a majority of 65% in Craven Arms and 59% in Church Stretton thought there should be.

These findings are in line with national trends. According to the Mirror, recent polling shows ALL parliamentary constituencies want a final say. Moreover, 422 of 623 seats in England, Scotland and Wales now have a majority for staying in the EU, including the majority of seats in England.

The Green Party's position was put 'out there' long ago and we have been campaigning for a People's Vote once the terms of the Final Deal was known and that any such vote should feature an Option to Remain.

Hilary Wendt, Coordinator of the South Shropshire Green Party said: "These Brexitometers in Church Stretton and Craven Arms reveal the extent of people's unease with where our country is heading. Whilst some continue to wish for Brexit to happen, many people who told us they had voted Leave in 2016 now feel that they were misled by the people behind the Brexit campaign and that the best deal available is the one we have currently got as members of the EU.

Over the last few months, more information has come in about what Brexit actually means for our families, the economy, the NHS and our standing in the world. Now that there the costs and benefits of the deal negotiated and offered to us is becoming clearer many people now want a People's Vote so that they have a chance to revisit the view they gave in June 2016".

The Green Party is campaigning for a People's Vote with an Option to Remain as we believe that this is in the national interest.

Hilary Wendt said "The Green Party understands that this isn’t about turning the clock back and pretending the last two years haven't happened. People who voted Leave because they believe the status quo is unacceptable were right - it is. We are a country of huge inequalities. That's why we urgently have to find new ways to transform our economy and secure fairness and a good quality of life for all of us along with new ways to restore our planet’s health. But the Green Party believes that Brexit isn't going to fix the problems we face but is instead likely to make us poorer in so many ways that are now becoming apparent. That is why we are campaigning for a People's Vote with an Option to Remain.

We need a better future and that is why we believe it is critical for the British people to be able to have a final say on whether the deal on offer is better for the country and future generations than the one we already have. We will write to our MP Philip Dunne with our findings and ask him to act in the interests of all of us in south Shropshire and in the UK and to work to enable a People's Vote with an option to Remain in the EU".

Note: The South Shropshire Green Party carried out the Brexitometers between the hours of 10:30am-12:30 pm on Thursday the 18th of October 2018 in Church Stretton and for the same period in Craven Arms on Saturday the 20th October 2018

Brexitometer Results

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