Oswestry Councillor calls for pay-on-exit car parking

21 June 2020

Mike Isherwood


Green Town Councillor Mike Isherwood is urging Oswestry Town Council to help the town get back on its feet by installing a pay-on-exit system at their main Central Car-Park. Cllr Isherwood explains, “Currently car park users buy a ticket for a fixed period of time. Although the charges are reasonable, the fines for over-staying are worrying and means that some visitors cut short their shopping. Paying on exit is a hassle-free solution to this problem which has been called for by many traders. I think it is time Oswestry Town Council now did its bit to get the town back on its feet”.

The motion from Cllr Isherwood is on the agenda for discussion at the next meeting of Oswestry Town Council on the 24th June.

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