Saving lives and money not a priority for Shropshire Council?

28 October 2017

Green Party member Emma Bullard asked Peter Nutting, leader of Shropshire Council if the Council would look at introducing a default 20mph speed limit on roads in Shropshire.

New Youth Employment Scheme launched

15 September 2017

A new scheme aimed at improving working conditions for young people was launched today in Shrewsbury.

Julian Dean's latest newsletter online

15 September 2017

Julian Dean's latest newsletter can now be read online. He talks about the new Youth Employment Standards, the campaign for 20mph speed limits and the future of the Barracks site.

Julian Dean vlogs about Shropshire Council lack of scrutiny

22 July 2017

Following yesterday's Shropshire Council meeting, Julian Dean, Green Party Councillor for Shrewsbury Porthill, talks about why the scrutiny committees are not providing democratic accountability.

New Green Party constituency websites

30 May 2017

Our General Election candidates now have their own constituency websites.

Green Party candidates on Radio Shropshire

30 May 2017

BBC Radio Shropshire invited Duncan Kerr, Emma Bullard and the other three Green candidates in for a wide-ranging discussion of Green Party policies.

Spectacular rise in support for the Green Party in Oswestry

08 May 2017

In last Thursday's elections to Shropshire Unitary Council an amazing 30% of voters in Oswestry backed a green candidate.

Green Party names General Election candidates

07 May 2017

Shrewsbury and North Shropshire Green Party have selected Emma Bullard and Councillor Duncan Kerr to contest the parliamentary constituencies of Shrewsbury & Atcham and North Shropshire on 8th June.

Record town council success for Greens

07 May 2017

The Green Party entered the 2017 town and parish council campaign with just one councillor, but ended Thursday night with a total of seven.

Seven fold increase in Green vote in Shropshire

05 May 2017

The Green Party in Shropshire is celebrating success across the county with a huge seven fold increase in votes compared with the last county election in 2013.

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