Global Climate Action - The Follow Up

04 December 2015

With the world’s eyes on Paris, people in Shropshire have lent their demands for our government and others to argue for a robust and challenging treaty to safeguard humanity from climate change.

Global Climate Action - Shrewsbury

25 November 2015

A larger than life polar bear has been built by Shrewsbury people to draw attention to the biggest problem facing humans and other species, manmade global warming and climate change. For most people alive now global inaction is likely to lead to increasing weather disasters locally and abroad, and more people seeking refuge.

Resignation of Keith Barrow from Shropshire Council

23 November 2015

John Newnham, Green Party candidate in the Meole by election on 3rd December, has welcomed the resignation of Keith Barrow from the board of Shropshire Council’s company ip&e. As the only candidate in the Meole by election to have made an issue of ip&e needing to be run in an open manner with integrity he is pleased to have been vindicated by the Standards Sub-Committee.

Our Green Party Candidate in Meole

16 November 2015

John Newnham, a resident of Meole for more than 25 years, has been selected as Green Party candidate for the forthcoming by-election in the Meole ward in Shrewsbury. A wise exponent of the dangers of climate change, John is also a staunch friend of his local community helping people in need to get satisfaction from Shirehall. John’s candidacy comes at a time of unprecedented growth for the Green Party which saw their vote in Shrewsbury quadruple at the recent General Election.

News from our AGM

07 November 2015

Newly re-elected co-ordinator Emma Bullard said "we know that Green Party concepts of sustainability and fairness chime with most people's values. The general election vote and responses on the doorstep and on social media tell us that many more people are willing to give us their vote; to vote for what they believe in."

Young Greens Meeting with Matthew Genn, Local Party Support Officer

14 October 2015

1pm Sunday 18 October in the Shrewsbury Hotel, Welsh Bridge, Shrewsbury SY1 1PU If you're under 30 or a full-time student - you're a Young Green!

TTIP Opposition in Shropshire

18 July 2015

On Thursday 23 July Shropshire Council will be voting on TTIP.

A motion raising concerns about the damage TTIP could do to local authorities has been put forward by Cllr Miles Kenny; similar motions have already been passed in other areas. Please ask your Shropshire Councillor to support this motion, you can find out more here:

Global Justice - Let's Make a Stand - Shropshire

Green Party got 5% of the vote

11 May 2015

The Green Party candidates, running in Shrewsbury and Atcham and North Shropshire constituencies both finished in 5th place with just under 5% of the votes. This represents a quadrupling of the vote share from 2010 in Shrewsbury and Atcham and a tripling of the votes for North Shropshire.

Green Party lead in exit poll from Hustings in North Shropshire

01 May 2015

Green Party lead in exit poll from Hustings in North Shropshire with 47%

NFU bias against Green Party

28 April 2015

NFU bias against Green Party

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