Green Party backs “A manifesto for our health service”

12 April 2015

Green Party policy is 100% in line with NHS Defend policy. We are strongly supportive of a well-resourced, highly accessible, full spectrum A&E and hospital service in Shrewsbury. This must be supported by ambulance response times and standards that maximise patient benefits and we support a fully accountable, public NHS with zero private sector involvement.

Tactical Voting

08 April 2015

Emma Bullard's response to a question about voting tactically.

Emma Bullard responds to public concern over TTIP

09 March 2015

Prospective Green candidate for Shrewsbury and Atcham Emma Bullard has received over 100 emails from local residents who are strongly opposed to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - TTIP - in particular the threat it poses to the core principles of the NHS, and the undemocratic way it is being negotiated.

Green Party members in confident mood as they head off to the largest ever party conference in Liverpool later this week

08 March 2015

The national Green Party conference take place in Liverpool from 6th- 9Th March. This is the first Green party conference ever with more than 1000 delegates expected, the first conference we have held with a total party membership of over 50,000 and the last one before the general election in May.

Duncan Kerr says one rule for you Cllr Keith Barrow

06 February 2015

Cllr Keith Barrow said on the radio last week that after years of cutting Shropshire now has the lowest spending per head on Adult Social Care in England. But far from hanging his head in shame, he says it is “proof of pudding”. In his make-believe world Shropshire alone has found the holy grail of providing excellent services for peanuts.

Green Party request Shropshire Council to withdraw investments, including pension fund investments, from all fossil fuel companies

06 February 2015

Green Party request Shropshire Council to withdraw investments, including pension fund investments, from all fossil fuel companies

Tory record

06 February 2015

The Conservatives have been given the trust of the people of Oswestry but their actions show they have lost touch with local people and are taking your support for granted. Just look at what they have done in the last year alone:

‘Hillfort Hug’ planned for threatened Iron Age monument

06 February 2015

‘Show heritage some love’ say campaigners who will be joining arms in a protective hug at Old Oswestry hillfort as planners target its ancient landscape for housing.

Greens say No TTIP

04 February 2015

Like over 1 million other EU citizens the Green Party locally is campaigning against the corporate power grab known as TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership)

Shropshire councillors fail to protect residents

29 January 2015

Shropshire Council has failed to determine the application by Dart Energy for Coalbed methane extraction in Dudleston. The drilling firm has now exercised their right to appeal to the Secretary of State who will appoint an inspector.

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