Cambrian Newsletter January 2018

Nikki Hughes

Councillor Nikki Hughes

Nikki is Oswestry Town Councillor for the Cambrian Ward area of Owestry.


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Working for you all year round

Since being elected as Councillor for Cambrian Ward in May 2017 I have helped many local families on a range of issues. These include the management of local green space (I liaised with the council to have access areas cleared of overgrown vegetation) and faulty street lighting (which is now working again).

I am also campaigning against the intended sell off of council homes, having proposed and won a vote at Oswestry Town Council opposing the sell off and urging Shropshire Council to take advantage of low interest rates and build more social housing.

I am passionate about improving our town. Oswestry needs a strong local voice to ensure we don't get forgotten. I am that voice for you and your family.

Campaigning for our NHS

Oswestry Green Councillors

I'm campaigning for improved parking at Cambrian Medical Centre. I am also fighting for both the retention and expansion of the services it offers and the restoration of a full range of maternity services at Gobowen.

Campaigning for safer roads

20's Plenty

Calmer traffic = safer streets.

A lot of families have spoken to me about excessive vehicle speeds on Unicorn Road and roads right across Cambrian Ward.

I share their concerns and the Oswestry Green team has urged Shropshire Council to implement traffic calming measures and to consider reducing speed limits on residential streets before we have a tragic accident.

Helping our elderly residents with housing issues

Following a series of bursts and water leaks at properties on Monkmoor Court, worried residents got in touch. I liaised with STAR Housing, who agreed to replace the stopcock units in all properties on Monkmoor Court where legacy plumbing remained. I worked with STAR to prioritise repairs to the home of vulnerable residents and also on the review of unsatisfactory repairs to a property following an identical burst.

I will ensure that STAR complete this project in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of all of the residents of the Court.

Introducing another member of the Cambrian Green Team

Rosie Radford

Rosie Radford is part of our Oswestry Green Party Support Network, helping with campaigns and projects throughout Cambrian Ward. You may see her out and about leafleting or chatting with residents in coming weeks. Say hello!

Rosie is a familiar face from Oswestry Market. She has recently left the market to open her own cheese deli in Oswestry town centre.

Championing Oswestry Market

Councillor Nikki Hughes says:

"It's so important that Oswestry keeps its markets. I'm a Market Champion and heavily involved with the regeneration of Oswestry Market. I've developed new ideas for events and marketing and I visit the market most weekends to chat with traders and see what effect our changes are having.

"Since the Saturday outdoor market was moved into the street and we introduced Car Boot pitches, the number of stall holders has increased and weekly takings have gone up. We are also having great success with our specialist Artisan and Shropshire Produce markets.

"We've created more of an all-round experience, with outdoor events and live music. The markets are busier. We hope to replicate these changes on a Wednesday and continue with a varied programme of fun family events on Saturdays to support both the outdoor and indoor markets.

"Let me know what you think of the changes to our markets."

Get in Touch

Contact me using any of these methods. I'm always happy to hear from you.


Phone: 07808 792717

Facebook: Nikki4Cambrian

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Address: Nikki Hughes, 8 Cambrian Drive, Oswestry, SY11 1HE

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