Oswestry Newsletter Spring 2019

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News from Cllr Barry Edwards, Cllr Mike Isherwood, Cllr Duncan Kerr, Cllr Rosie Radford and Cllr Olly Rose -your Green Party Councillors on Oswestry Town Council

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Oswestry Guildhall

The Mayor performs an important ceremonial role in our town and Oswestry has had a tradition of choosing its mayor not on the basis of party allegiance but on the basis of length of service. On this basis Cllr Duncan Kerr, a Councillor since 2013, should become Deputy-Mayor this year and Mayor next year. However at the last moment the rules were changed and a Conservative Councillor with less service looks set to be the Deputy-Mayor. We feel that this is a sad day for the town at a time when we should all be coming together to work for the people of Oswestry.

A Little Good News on Car Parking

As a result of a motion and consultation led by your local Green Councillors, Oswestry Town Council has now agreed that from April parking at all its car parks will be free from 6pm to 8am. We hope this will be a boost to local businesses and relieve congestion in residential streets by giving residents the option of putting their car in a car park overnight.

Recycling Centres Under Threat

Recycling Centre sign

Your local green councillors have led resistance from Oswestry Town Council to the planned closure of the recycling site operated by Shropshire Council. At a time when the Government is urging us all to recycle more and David Attenborough has highlighted the dangers posed by plastic waste we think that any loss of recycling facilities is counter-productive.

Update on Community Solar

We had hoped to secure Government funding to investigate the feasibility of an Oswestry Community Energy Scheme to provide solar panels on key public buildings in the town. Unfortunately we have been delayed as a result of changes in the way the Government administers this funding. We are, as ever, hopeful we will be able to proceed and if anyone is interested in becoming involved please contact Cllr Mike Isherwood.

Green Open Meeting: Mon 1st April 7pm Hermon Chapel

An opportunity to meet your Oswestry Green Councillors. Come and tells us what is important to you, meet others interested in local issues and hear what we are planning in the future. This is a very informal gathering with plenty of time for you to ask questions and network, or just chat. You don’t need a ticket, there is no entrance fee and, most importantly of all refreshments will be available. It would be lovely to see you. Barry, Mike, Duncan, Rosie and Olly.

Climate Change Emergency Recognised in Oswestry

No Planet B

The Town Council has accepted the urgency of the need for action and has set up a group to plan the best way to reduce its carbon emissions and try to reduce these in the town as a whole. We are hoping for input from interested residents who can help us take forward these plans. If this sounds like you, please contact Cllr Olly Rose.

Policing our Community

We welcome the promise that there will be an increase in the number of Police Officers covering the town. We will ask for a similar pledge that numbers aren’t allowed to drop again and the recognition that we deserve a properly staffed station. We hope this will deal with some of the serious concerns and worries that have been raised at recent meetings about drugs and anti-social behaviour. More positively the Town Council is considering how it can improve outreach youth services.

Arts and Culture

Hermon Chapel

Oswestry has many groups, organisations and individuals from all backgrounds actively working to create a good place to live. At a time when publicly funded services are under great strain we need a plan for the long term sustainability of the unique arts and culture of our town. Cllr Barry Edwards is inviting anyone interested in developing this.

Rejuvenating the Regal

Some enterprising local residents are working to see if the re-opening of the former regal cinema building is viable and held a meeting attended by 200 people. We are very grateful to them for their vision and think this is an exciting proposal which could breathe new life into the Town Centre and reduce empty shops.

Dolen Ffermio, Helping Farmers in Africa

As a Social Worker Cllr Duncan Kerr has just spent time working in Uganda, Africa and learnt a lot from the resilience and positivity of the families who have so little. That has helped him appreciate the difference made by local organisations like Dolen Ffermio, in supporting orphanages, schools and farmers. Please support them if you can.

Surgeries and Contact Details

Cllr Barry Edwards Gatacre Ward bazmatronics@gmail.com 01691 662196
Surgery: Last Sunday of month 10.00 to 11.00 at Hermon Chapel, Chapel St.
Cllr Mike Isherwood Castle Ward mike.isherwood@tutanota.com 07584 655 864
Surgery: First Wednesday of the month at 10.00 to 11.00 at “Shlurp”, 39A Church St.
Cllr Duncan Kerr Castle Ward kerr.duncan@hotmail.co.uk 07522 116 609
Cllr Rosie Radford Cambrian Ward rosie_radford@yahoo.com 07736 679 021
Cllr Olly Rose Castle Ward ollyrose5@gmail.com 07977 602 952
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