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From your Green Party Councillors on Oswestry Town Council

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Barry Edwards Olly Rose Duncan Kerr Rosie Radford Mike Isherwood

Barry Edwards Olly Rose Duncan Kerr Rosie Radford Mike Isherwood

On the 13th May, Duncan Kerr was unanimously elected by the Council to become the Deputy-Mayor of Oswestry. Duncan would like to thank all those who have supported him over the past six years he has served on the Council and is keen to hear from any local groups or residents who have any ideas for improving our town.

New Parent and Baby Parking Spaces

Parent and baby parking space

A number of parents have told us about the difficulties they have in getting their children safely out of their car when parked in Central Car Park. We listened to their concern and we ensured that the Town Council now has parent and toddler bays in both Central and Horsemarket Car Parks.


Is this an improvement?

Mile End roundabout scheme map

You may have heard about the plans to build an industrial estate on the other side of the A5. As part of this it is proposed to spend nearly £10M on a second roundabout at Mile End. This is on top of the £4M that was spent on the roundabout just 5 years ago! It is a lot of money but results in a very unappealing gateway to our town which won’t help us attract visitors. Shropshire Council claims it will be “friendly” for cyclist and pedestrians but without a footbridge over the road we can’t see how. Oswestry and Shropshire Councils have both recognised that we are facing a climate emergency and we should not be cutting bus services and tarmacking more green fields around our towns.

Come and Join Our Litter Pick

Litter pick

If you want to join us in making the town greener and cleaner then come on one of our litter picks (we also give bus shelters a spring clean!). We’ll be meeting at 10.30am on Sunday the 1st September in Wilfred Owen Green by the Cambrian buildings. We can provide gloves and bags we just need your enthusiasm!

Making Life a Little Easier...

Plough Bank steps

Many residents of Gatacre and Castle Street walk to town over the zebra crossing on Plough Bank. They are then faced with a flight of decaying concrete steps which are inaccessible to anyone in a wheelchair and a real problem for pushchairs. We have been lobbying for over a year to get these ugly steps replaced by a ramp and have made sure it remains in the Council’s programme of future works. As soon as we have a firm date for the completion of these works we will let you know.


Summertime in Oswestry

With the fantastic balloon and food festivals along with many musical events, Oswestry is developing a great reputation as an exciting place to be. Your Green Councillors are passionate about encouraging local businesses and are campaigning to reverse the large hike by Shropshire Council in charges to traders for displaying goods outside. We think that pavements brimming with local produce makes an attractive environment for visitors and shoppers and help these shopkeepers compete with supermarkets. By shopping locally and supporting local traders we can keep town centre shops open and keep Oswestry the place that a national newspaper recently called "chocolate box pretty."

People Power in Ferrers Road

11 Ferrers Road, Oswestry

You may remember that a landlord from Wrexham wanted to convert this four bedroom house on Ferrers road into eleven bed-sits. This type of multi-occupation provides very cramped accommodation and puts an enormous strain on community facilities. Thanks to the diligence of local residents, supported by their Residents Association, we were able to organise a public meeting and advice locals how to get their voice heard by the Planning Committee. As a result, not only was the application rejected by both Oswestry Town Council and Shropshire Council, but the appeal has now been thrown out by the Planning Inspector.

Surgeries and Contact Details

Cllr Barry Edwards Gatacre Ward bazmatronics@gmail.com 01691 662196
Surgery: Last Sunday of month 10.00 to 11.00 at Hermon Chapel, Chapel St.
Cllr Mike Isherwood Castle Ward mike.isherwood@tutanota.com 07584 655 864
Surgery: First Wednesday of the month at 10.00 to 11.00 at “Shlurp”, 39A Church St.
Cllr Duncan Kerr Castle Ward kerr.duncan@hotmail.co.uk 07522 116 609
Cllr Rosie Radford Cambrian Ward rosie_radford@yahoo.com 07736 679 021
Cllr Olly Rose Castle Ward ollyrose5@gmail.com 07977 602 952

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