Frankwell, Porthill and Kingsland Newsletter May 2019

Julian Dean

Councillor Julian Dean

Julian is a Shropshire County Councillor and Shrewsbury Town Councillor for the Porthill Ward which includes the Porthill, Frankwell and Kingsland areas of Shrewsbury.


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Road safety

Bin with Slow Down sticker

If you want a '20's Plenty' or 'Slow Down' sticker for your bin please let me know. Many are now on bins, especially on Longden Road (see photo) and around Frankwell Island.

Shropshire Council plans to extend the 20mph speed limit within the town 'loop'. I've argued that this should not stop at the Welsh Bridge, as Franwell's pubs, restaurants and theatre make it part of the town centre too. I have asked them to include New Street as a temporary measure until money is found for the one-way scheme that engineers have recommended. Many other local residents and businesses added their views on this. We are now waiting for a response.

Meanwhile, there have been more minor injuries on New Street where wing mirrors are a real hazard. It is really important that incidents are reported. Wherever you are, please ring the Police on 101. Please also let me know using the contact details at the bottom of this page if you witness or are affected by traffic incidents, however minor.

Read more about '20's Plenty' here.

Climate emergency

Julian at a recent Extinction Rebellion demonstration in Shrewsbury

It is no exaggeration to say that we face an emergency as the world's climate changes due to man-made greenhouse gases stopping the earth from cooling. If you haven't seen it yet, I urge you to watch David Attenborough's "Climate Change - the Facts".

I have been pushing Shropshire Council to take this issue much more seriously and treat it like the emergency it is.

The good news is that we have the technology to produce energy, heat our homes and move around without making the situation worse. But it is now urgent. The longer we leave it the less chance we have of preventing catastrophe, and the bigger the changes we will need to make. This is why I supported the Extinction Rebellion demonstrations in London and Shrewsbury recently.

Read more about climate change in Shropshire here.

Big Town Walk - 18th May

I am excited to have helped organise Shrewsbury's first Big Town Walks event. These give residents a way to discover new green areas around town. We have four walking routes ready this year and hope to have more in the future.

To find out about the routes and where you can join a walk on the 18th May take a look at the Facebook page called "Big Town Walks Shrewsbury" or pick up a leaflet from local pubs and shops.

Shropshire Green New Deal launches on 14th May

Ellie Chowns

The Green Party has been working on some ideas for the county, which we are calling the Shropshire Green New Deal. To hear more come to our public meeting at the Darwin Centre, Frankwell, at 7pm on Tuesday 14th May, where you will also hear from our leading candidate in the European Elections Ellie Chowns (left).

More information is available here.

We are excited to be launching this, but it will put a strain on our funds. Please help us out by contributing to our crowdfunding campaign.

North West 'Relief' Road

View across River Severn at site of a proposed viaduct for the North West Relief Road

The plan for a new road seems to be getting closer, with £54 of Government funding recently announced. I'm convinced this is not the answer to traffic congestion in town.

Experience from elsewhere in the country shows that new roads lead to more traffic, not less. The cost - both to the environment and in money - is not worth the risk when there are other things that could be done to reduce traffic through town. We need fewer car journeys overall, and this means making it easier and just as quick to travel by bus, bicycle or on foot for most short journeys. What do you think? Please get in touch with your views.

Read more about the North West "Relief" Road here.

Being good neighbours... for a better environment

Porthill litterpickers in March 2019

We had a great litter pick in March. Twelve adults and two children kindly gave up their time to remove litter from a wide area, starting from the Bricklayers Arms car park. Thanks to all!

Hedges: I have been contacted recently about a few garden hedges. With longer growing seasons (due to climate change) there is more risk that hedges will make life difficult for people passing by on pavements. Please be mindful of this by keeping hedges under control.

Parking is tricky in much of our area. We can all help by parking thoughtfully and reminding others, politely, that pedestrians shouldn't be forced into the road and that streets need to be clear for emergency vehicles.

European elections

European Union flag

European elections are on the 23rd May. I'm standing as one of the Green Party's regional candidates. The Greens are the largest Remain party in the European Parliament and the only credible choice if you believe we should act now to prevent climate breakdown. We offer a fresh approach - rejecting the "Business as Usual" politics of our broken political system.


Don't forget, you have the opportunity to chat with me about any issues you think I may be able to help with. I hold a surgery at Woodfield Stores on Woodfield Road on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The next ones are 28th May and 25th June, 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

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