Radbrook Newsletter October 2018

Julia Evans and Chris Lemon

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Road safety campaign

People showing 20s plenty posters at a meeting

ROAD SAFETY: Green Party councillors have been campaigning for 20mph speed limits in residential areas. '20s plenty' schemes have been proved to save lives, reduce air pollution and promote healthier lifestyles as people feel safer walking and cycling. They also save public money in the medium and long term.

LOCAL ACTION: Green Party Councillor Julian Dean held a well attended local meeting recently about road speed and safety around Frankwell roundabout (pictured). Many locals there now have '20s plenty' signs on display and are investigating setting up a Community Speed Watch Group. If you want a sign too, please get in touch (contact details below).

TOWN ACTION: Julian has prompted the town council to produce a map showing areas of road safety concern. We need to show Shropshire Council that Shrewsbury people take road safety seriously. Let us know if you have a concern in Radbrook that should be on the map.

SHROPSHIRE COUNCIL ACTION? The Tories on Shropshire Council are dragging their feet. Local road safety schemes are frozen due to cuts. They have so far opposed calls for a proper study into a 20's plenty scheme, despite five local town councils now wanting this. Elsewhere in the country these schemes are becoming much more common.

Radbrook Fields development

Radbrook Fields

We have objected to the plans to build 52 new houses on Radbrook Fields. Many local people have been shocked at the plans to build on the site next to Mousecroft Lane. Our key reasons for objecting are:

It is a key part of Shrewsbury's green space and is important for wildlife. This site is designated a Local Wildlife Site, part of the network of key sites for conservation.

We don't feel the proposed development is right for that part of town and most importantly, won't make life better for local people. This means it will fail the 'Shrewsbury Test' outlined in the Big Town Plan.

Loss of public green space. Urban green space has been shown to provide significant mental and physical health benefits. The green space at this site is well-used and central to many people's daily routine.

This site is not well-served by public transport and will lead to more cars taking people into the town centre. Instead we should be encouraging safer, active travel and improved air quality by reducing the number of cars making short journeys.


Join the Friends of Radbrook Fields Facebook group for updates.

Sign the petition to say no to the housing development.

Future Fit update

Julia Evans campaigning on behalf of Shrewsbury Defend Our NHS in Shrewsbury Town Centre

The public consultation on 'Future Fit' (the proposed options for the future of our NHS in Shropshire) has been a long process. We remain strongly opposed to both options suggested by Future Fit. Thank you to all of you who helped raise awareness about the petition, got consultation surveys filled in, informed people and shared posts. We enjoyed presenting a public meeting at Radbrook Community Centre in July. Thanks to all who attended and helped me to organise the meeting. Thanks also to those who came door-to-door with me in Radbrook and to all those who filled in questionnaires to make their feelings known.

Now that the public consultation has finished, what happens next? Completed surveys have been sent to an independent company for analysis and we will hear the results sometime in March 2019.

In the meantime, the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust have taken the decision to close the Accident and Emergency department in Telford between 8pm and 8am in November. Instead patients will be sent to Wolverhampton, which with the recent closure of Stafford A&E is already overwhelmed. What may happen instead is a huge influx of people to the Royal Shrewsbury A&E.

This, along with the baby death scandal (the NHS review is extending their enquiry to include an open-ended date range of incidents in Shropshire maternity units) and a Care Quality Commission inspection of our local NHS Trust resulting in warning letters being sent, shows huge failings at the top of Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust. We may never see an outcome to Future Fit.

School places

One of the things highlighted to us by Radbrook residents earlier this year was concern over lack of school places in the ward and wider town. We will be raising this to Shropshire Council at their full council meeting on 13th December to find out what plans they have to address this problem. We will report back...

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