We are a team of officers and committee members who run the local party and coordinate our activities. We are all volunteers and would like your assistance. If you have any questions please contact the person most likely to be able to help.

Elected Officers

Tony Newby - Coordinator and Local Party Contact. Email:

Steve Froggatt - Treasurer

Tom Hayek - Nominating Officer

Rosie Radford - Membership Officer

Olly Rose - Press Officer. Email:

Co-opted Officers

Chris Davenport - Web Officer

Vacant Positions

The following positions are currently vacant. If any member is interested in taking on one of these roles, please contact the coordinator for more information.

Elections Manager

Social Media Officer

Events Officer

Young Greens Officer

Engagement Officer

Elected Councillors

Julian Dean - Shropshire Unitary Councillor and Shrewsbury Town Councillor for Porthill and Frankwell

Barry Edwards - Oswestry Town Councillor

Duncan Kerr - Oswestry Town Councillor

Olly Rose - Oswestry Town Councillor

Mike Isherwood - Oswestry Town Councillor

Rosie Radford - Oswestry Town Councillor


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Anyone can be a Green Party person

Anyone can be a Green Party person. All you need is to care for the world near you.

We come from all over and don't have to agree about everything. Everyone's voice is heard no matter how old you are, whatever your sex and you don't have to have a beard, though some do.