Chris Lemon

Chris Lemon

I’m Chris Lemon and I am delighted to have been chosen as the Green Party’s candidate for Shrewsbury Town Council in the Radbrook ward at the May local elections. I moved to Shrewsbury to train as a Registered General Nurse and after qualifying in 1996 I worked for five years mostly on the Oncology Ward at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. I first lived in the Nurses Home on the old South Hospital site, which is now occupied by housing within the ward, and later lived on Ravenscourt Walk, also within Radbrook ward. 

  I have been part of the small team working hard in Radbrook for three years. I truly appreciate the sense of community and campaigning spirit of people in Radbrook Green, Rad Valley, Darwin’s Walk and Bowbrook Meadows, finding inspiring individuals and groups throughout the ward concerned with many issues that we have been privileged to support.  

  I was present on election night when Julian Dean became the first Green Party councillor in Shrewsbury. The promise of that evening has been fulfilled many times over with his participation at both councils over the last four years. It would be a huge step forward if he had fellow Greens working alongside him after the election, and I look forward very much to working with him on Shrewsbury Town Council if I am elected in May.

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Anyone can be a Green Party person

Anyone can be a Green Party person. All you need is to care for the world near you.

We come from all over and don't have to agree about everything. Everyone's voice is heard no matter how old you are, whatever your sex and you don't have to have a beard, though some do.