Claire Kirby

Claire Kirby

From a child I’ve had a deep love of animals, wildlife and the countryside. I studied environmental science in the 1980s which gave a me a good grounding and understanding of the issues and I’ve kept up. I worked as a vegetarian chef for years before becoming a  pet behaviourist. I’ve been working with dogs and cats for the last 15 or so years. More recently the urgency of the environmental crisis has caused me to step up to work towards embracing the beautiful future that I know we are capable of. I live in Coton Hill with my partner, daughter and several pets.

A Growing Party

Green Councillors in the West Midlands


Anyone can be a Green Party person

Anyone can be a Green Party person. All you need is to care for the world near you.

We come from all over and don't have to agree about everything. Everyone's voice is heard no matter how old you are, whatever your sex and you don't have to have a beard, though some do.