Hopes and plans for 2019

Julian Dean

[Transcript of Julian's video log posted on Tuesday 1 January 2019.]

Happy New Year everyone!

Hopes and Plans for 2019

I'd like to go through some of my hopes and plans for Shropshire as a Shropshire Councillor for 2019.

1. Climate Emergency. Council action required. Citizen overview needed too!

So first of all, in December I got a motion through Shropshire Council on the issue of climate change. The result of that is that there's going to be a special group the Council has set up to look at reducing carbon emissions amongst the Council's activities. This is desperately needed; last time there was a target in 2011 nobody ever bothered to measure it, so we really need to get our act together on that and because of that I'm also going to be setting up a citizen's group to monitor what the Council is up to. So if you're interested in getting involved in that then please get in touch.

2. Quality, affordable homes. Well served and connected neighbourhoods.

The second one is about the quality of housing. As people know, there's lots of development going on and planned to go on in Shropshire and in Shrewsbury. Last year, Councillor Joe McKenzie set up a conference to look at the issues of affordability and quality and infrastructure and transport and all those things that we're all concerned about. That still exists, we now have a Shrewsbury Growing Forward group and we're having a forum on the 19th of January which I'm chairing and hopefully out of that we'll be pushing for some improved policies, so as well as identifying sites, Shropshire Council really needs to think about its policies to make sure we have zero emissions homes, that we have decent connectivity, walking, cycling routes, all that sort of thing. So that's number two.

3. Shrewsbury Sponsored Walk. Connecting and improving green routes in town.

Number three is about a sponsored walk idea that I've been working on. So, since last spring really, the meeting with officers to look at the idea of a connected sponsored walk around the green areas within the town of Shrewsbury. The idea to celebrate those spaces, but also to bring a little bit of pressure to improve them. To improve their connectivity and to improve their quality. It's really getting somewhere. There's quite a lot of officers quite excited about this and we're beginning to develop the route itself and then the idea will be that community groups can help to run the day and manage parts of the route. So again, if you're involved in something in a group that might be interested in that then please get in touch. That's something that I hope will happen this year.

4. Safer pavements in extreme weather. Joined up working and snow wardens.

Next is about the issue of safe pavements in the winter. So it looks like we're heading into a fairly mild winter, but last year we had some real treacherous conditions on some pavements and because of that myself and Councillor Andy Boddington from Ludlow put a motion through. We introduced a motion to the Council, the result of which was that there should be improved working between the parishes and town councils and Shropshire Council to look after pavements and also that Shropshire Council is supposed to be looking into a snow warden scheme. It's taking a long time for this to happen, but hopefully we'll get some developments this year and I'll be pushing for that. Meanwhile, I've set up my own snow patrol for the Porthill area, for my ward, so if you're interested please get in touch.

5. 20s Plenty! 20mph limits are safer, greener and cheaper.

Finally, 20's Plenty. So, as you know, I've been campaigning for 20mph where people live. 20mph limits. It's safer, it saves lives, it improves the quality of life and actually in the long run it saves money as well. We've got some movement in Shropshire Council. We've got a committee that's going to be looking at it, but we still need more pressure on that. So that's my other hope for this year, that we get somewhere with the campaign for 20mph.

So, there you go. Thank you very much and have a great New Year.

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Hopes and plans for 2019

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