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[Transcript of Julian's video log posted on Friday 18 August 2017.]

"Hi, this is a bit of an update on a few issues I couldn't squeeze onto the newsletter. First of all, on the pool. As you probably know, Shropshire Council is now reconsidering its plans and hopefully this means that they will come forward with a plan which does involve keeping the pool in the centre of town. This is clearly the wish of people in Shrewsbury and it has been widely expressed and that campaigning has clearly had an effect. So well done to everybody involved in the campaigning, to the Keep the Pool in Town people. We've got the support, it seems, of the Leader of the Council. We've certainly got the support of the Town Council who are now taking a watching brief on this. So hopefully we'll have some developments on that in the near future.

"Secondly, on New Street, which is, as people will know, a very narrow street, there have been issues, both to do with speed and safety and just sheer weight of traffic down there. Back in February there was a feasibility study, apparently about to be published. I've been spending the last seven or eight weeks trying to get to the bottom of this and find out exactly what's happened to this feasibility study. Nobody seems to be able to tell me. I've been promised various meetings but nothing's yet come of it. Now obviously people are on summer breaks and all that so fair enough, but hopefully I'll have some news on that soon because it is an issue for many residents.

"Meanwhile, also on roads and sort of related there are various other concerns in the area. There's concerns around Frankwell roundabout with some white lines marking the parking bay, or rather the drop-off bay, having worn out and some repairs needed on Copthorne Road, both on the road and on the pavements and I'll be pursuing all of these once I get a meeting with the relevant officer. I've already written about all these issues, but I continue to push. Maybe it's just because it's the summer or maybe there is an issue with under-staffing, under-funding and therefore perhaps a bit of reluctance to see work through that people need.

"Finally on the NHS. I can't really do this without mentioning what's going on with the hospital. As you probably know, the Joint Commissioning Groups from Shropshire and Telford made a decision to go ahead with the plan to downgrade one of the hospitals at Telford. I think this is a disaster. The original plan, back in 2013, included all sorts of extras to make up for the downgrade, for the reduced service and they know it's a reduced service. All sorts of community extras and urgent care centres. None of that's going to happen. There's no money for any of that. All those plans have gone and on top of that we've got 135 million being taken out of the local health budget over the next few years. We've got crisis in ShropDoc, we've got crisis in health visitors, so yeah, it's a disaster as I've said at the meeting, it's like they're driving into Mordor and all the wheels have come off their vehicle. It's just a nightmare.

"And our five MPs, what are they doing? Well, they haven't done anything about improving the funding for the NHS locally and that's clearly the underlying issue. We're down, very near the bottom of the national league for funding, despite having above average rates of elderly people and there is deprivation. We shouldn't be that far down. Nothing's been done to correct that. You know there's 10 DUP MPs, whose votes are crucial to the government and they got 10 billion, over 10 billion, for Northern Ireland. Our 5 MPs, whose votes are also crucial to the government could at least do something to equalise the funding for the NHS in Shropshire. So, yes, I'll continue to press for that and working with the Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin Defend Our NHS to do that. Thank you."

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Posted by The Porthill Green on Friday, 18 August 2017

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