Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert

Peter Gilbert has lived in Shrewsbury for more than ten years. He’s been very active in defending our bus services from Council cuts, and in cleaning up our streets from noisy and polluting car traffic. He organised winning entries in the Town Carnival for several years, and is a strong advocate for local community solutions.

Peter said, ‘One of the reasons Covid has been so tough on us is that we weren’t prepared. The best preparation for the climate crisis is to prevent as much of our carbon emissions as possible. Shropshire Council’s leadership says one thing but does another - we need some honesty. Castlefields and Ditherington are at risk from worse flooding, and Council policies have ramped up car journeys, and parking, by people who don’t live here. We could all benefit from keeping local streets for us to enjoy, and by having a bus network worthy of the name. I’m thrilled to be selected to represent Shrewsbury Green Party in this important election.’

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Anyone can be a Green Party person

Anyone can be a Green Party person. All you need is to care for the world near you.

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